How to create a database in

How to create a contact database in

Learn how I manage my vastly growing contact/client list across boards. You can easily create a contact list in and manage all the crucial information pertaining to your clients in one location.

After creating your contact/client board connect your client list to pulses on other boards for quick reference using the link to pulse column. This allows you to see who your POC is, update client information or reach out all from the board you are working on. First you want to add a link to pulse column to the board. Then select the board you will like to connect to.

After add your clients and you are all set.

If your company uses in different way I would love to know! Just add a pic and explanation on this thread :slight_smile:


Hey after reading your article, I realized I could create a Company Database and connect it to my contact database! Super cool! Thanks Justin!