How to create a sitemap (or site list) board?

Does anybody have a suggestion on how to build a proper sitemap (site list)? I would like to be able to create a site list like for example for

What I could do is copy paste the items into a board (see image) but then I am missing the indent which is crucial information for the structure of the site list.

Hey @Eltjo

Hope you’re well since leaving us here :slight_smile:

We are working on a form of sub-tasks which is in alpha testing at the moment.

This will give you the option to add items as sub-tasks into a sort of “secondary board” which will live inside the parent item. Clicking the parent item will open the board with sub-tasks in a sort of pop out.

Do you think this could work for this?

Hey Julia!

After leaving Tel Aviv I went on vacation for 3 weeks so I am great thanks! How are you?

I can advice everybody here to join the Join the monday Club — our new program for's biggest fans! program, I really enjoyed meeting a lot of you guys and see the HQ of Monday in Tel Aviv.

As for the subtasks. I am really exited of them being implemented in Monday. I already have had contact with Shirley and a sneak preview of the new feature. Great stuff!
But the subtasks, as far as I have seen how they will be implemented (which offers great possibilities) is not a solution for my request which I describe here. For this use case I would love to be able to show a sitemap kind of structure in the items (so technically not per se a subtask, but more visually).


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