How to create custom code automations in Python)

Hi there, I have created a code that can change the column values of clients name in the board,
I want to put the code that i have created in so that i can use it later for automations , how to do that?
Is there any way i can use that

Hello again @Sagar,

In this case, the script should be in an server of your choice. And you can use webhooks as explained here to notify your server when an event occurs in so that you can then run that script.

You can also do this without endpoints if the event you want to listen to happens outside of monday. You can use a custom app with a custom trigger.

I suggest checking the documentation in these links to see how this works.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the documentation!


Is there any webhook that get triggred when any new board is created,

My problem is i have set a trigger in monday board when status of any items is changed to done then a respective board is created with the template that i have choosen, There is a column name client name, where i want the value of client name to be same as board name that is created just now, the client name column is present inside the the board.

Can you provide me solution for this?

Hello again @Sagar,

We do not have a webhook that gets triggered when a board is created.

You can add a webhook “When a status changes to something”, and then you can create the board via API as explained here, and then you can add the name to an item as a column value as explained here (you would need to find the relevant column type and follow the instructions in the documentation for it)

I hope that helps!


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