How to create multiple 'status column' dependency for an item?

Dear community,

being new to, how can I combine different status items in order to set a condition for an action?

Example: I have 6 “status” items for 6 different teams. All of these items have different status options to choose from, such as “approved”, “partly approved” or “not approved”. Only when they’re ALL set to “approved” (all 6 status items) by the team members, another status item, which is the “master item”, should be also set to “approved”. How can I make that work?

So far I just can see dependencies that can be set for single “status” item via automation, but not combined items.

Any idea?

Thank you for your help!


I see 3 alternatives.

  1. Create custom automations for every status column like this: When {Status 1} changes to Approved and {Status 2} is Approved and … and {Status 6} is Approved set {Master Status} to Approved.
  2. Use subitems for the separate statuses. Then use this standard automation:
  3. Use a webhook integration with Integromat (or the like) to check the statuses when there is a change and set the {master status}.
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