How to delete file in item update

I have added 2 different versions of a file to an item update, in error and cannot see where I can delete one of the files

1/ I have added a file column, but this does not display item files
2/ I have looked in the Info Boxes, but again the files do not appear
3/ I have tried the files view and can see the files, but there appears to be no way to delete

Any assistance someone can provide would be appreciated

@MikeH Go to the update and click the tiny down arrow to the right of the bell icon in the top RHS

From there you can Edit the Update and delete the link you don’t want.

Thanks for your response.
Unfortunately this is not working. When I view the update I see the two items (as per my original image) listed in a grey shaded area at the bottom of the update. When I edit the update, these items are not appearing?
Any other assistance is appreciated?>

How did you get them into the Update? Via an email?

No, I just added them from the “Add files” button at the bottom of the update and then selected “From Computer”.

This then dropped them into the update as a link. The update was later edited to delete the link and added an updated file, which was subsequently deleted.
End result is the links are not appearing in the update when I edit, but the two files appear in the greyed out area