How to delete Workforms Workspace?

So I have this ‘Workforms’ Workspace which I cannot delete… when I go to Workspace management, it’s not even listed there. When I go to our account products, it’s not there either. How do I get rid of this out of our system?


Hey Dylan! This is a default setting where the Workforms workspace is always included but we, the support team, can remove it for you!

Just send us a DM on social with your email address associated with the account and we can take care of this for you. :blush:

Hi Charlotte, if you remove it will our forms still work? i.e. the ‘forms’ tab on our normal boards

I just had them remove it for our account, and he verified that the “New Forms” option will still work without the Workforms Workspace being there.

Even after removing WorkForms from the WorkSpace list, it still showed up under “My Workspaces”. There is no option to make it Private, but you can “delete” it. Forms are still available with the “+” icon.