How to Import csv to existing board without manually map columns every time

Hi Guys,

I am tying to sync info in my sql database to monday. The easiest and cheapest solution I could come up with is to write a script to query the data I want from sql database and export them to a csv file automatically, then import to Monday. The script could extract information into this csv file every morning, then import it to monday which will overwrite old info and keep everything up to date.

My question is mainly about import csv to monday. Currently, I have to drag the file to monday and map the column manually. I’ve already kept the column layout in csv the same as the board in monday, is there a way to skip this annoying mapping step? Ideally, I want to automate the importing process without any human intervention, is this achievable? Thanks

Hi @NeilWu - have you considered looking into There is a Free tier depending on the amount of usage you would need. This way you could create a mapping from Excel/Sheets to monday and trigger it however you would like. You also have more control over the columns you can utilize.

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Hey @NeilWu,

As you’ve noticed, it isn’t currently possible to entirely automate the import process from csv to the platform without some manual steps - natively that is. That being said, I would recommend looking into some third party options, as @mark.anley has suggested! Apologies that there is no seamless way to achieve this in the platform as of now :pray:

Thanks Mark, I will have a look

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