Is it possible to automate imports from OneDrive Excel Sheets to a board?

I am attempting to automate our inbound leads to a CRM board. I’m looking for the leads to be loading into an excel sheet on our cloud space and have it uploaded to a board on a daily basis? Is this a feature on I am on a standard package.

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I’m afraid it’s not currently possible to automatically have data imported into the board within the native features of the platform.

That said, this may be something that you can achieve using an external integration, such as via Zapier or Integromat.
If you’re confident with using APIs, you could also create something using this to have your data imported.

We do have a specific area of the Community that is run by our developers if the API option is interesting for you.
You can read more and ask any questions on the API here: monday Apps & Developers - monday Community

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Thank you for the quick response. If our team were to develop an API, would we able to utilize it for own personal use (i.e. not disclosed to the community). Is there any cost implications for having this access/privilege on the platform? We do have an inhouse development team so I’d be interested in getting them involved.

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Thanks for coming back to me!

There’s no need to make this public, and using the API feature doesn’t have a cost associated with it.
Here are some resources to get you started with our API and developer framework.

API Documentation

Head over to our API documentation for a detailed look at our API, including a list of the operations to get and update data from your account.

Webinar: for builders

You can also check out our recent API webinar here, which goes through some API use cases and basic API calls.

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