How to move from sub tasks - help!

Hi there,
We are a video agency trying to set up a new account. We have multiple videos on the go at once. Having a board with each pulse be a video, and the columns be things like the status and due date & team member = great high level overview that I need as the PM. I.e. “Video 1 is 80% done, John is editing it, and we are waiting client feedback”

However, we ALSO need to plan all the 25+ tasks that are WITHIN EACH video. On other apps these would be subtasks. I can also make a board for each video, with 25 pulses to be each task. But I don’t see any way currently to link these individual boards to the one, high level board. If I have to update dates & status etc manually two times, that leaves room for error and wastes time. How do I achieve this? To use a checklist for these items is not enough, as we need to put dates & names against each item.

Please help!

Stacey, what about Board = Videos, Group = each specific video, Pulse = each video task? That way all your different columns, etc are created once on the board level. Just a thought.

Subtasks is currently in alpha. See this existing thread: Pulse indentation (sub-task concept)

The community has been asking this feature since Apr 2019. Still no word on when the beta release can be expected. Last i heard from their moderators, it looked like they were going back to the drawing board :frowning:

Till then maybe Jason.Clark’s suggestion will work for you.

Thank you @jason.clark and @Jaewoo. I did see that its being talked about… but I am open minded to live without them! Just need to work out how.
Jason your suggestion could work… except there is no way to summarize the status of the “group” (i.e. video). This is closer than the feedback I’ve received from Monday so far though, so will experiment.

Any fellow creative agency / video production / project manager types out there please LMK your secret!

In this video they discuss all the new features coming up. There really is some exiting stuff coming up. I believe subtasks beta is planned for the end of March 45 min

Subitems are here! Yay! Subitems beta info :dancer: