How to Resources Plan?

Hey There, i’m just in the Trail Phase checking if Monday will fit to our requirement. We are doing lots of Customer Projects, so we do have an Group of Project Managers and a Group of Engineers.
The PMs need to plan the task with the customers and assign Engineers to those task. I would like to have a Resource Planning View that will support us. Means that we will not only see the availability of the Resource by task created from Monday, it should also have the Outlook Meetings in there.
I tried already the Outlook Connector, which is somehow doing this, but its not for example not removing a task if a meeting got removed from Outlook.

How do you guys handle this kind of Resource allocation ?

Hey Torsten,

We actually have a resource planning feature native in the platform, which will also allow you to integrate your Outlook calendar.

Had you come across our workload view/widget?

You might like to also reference our resource planning use-case guide here:

Whilst you are able to sync Outlook events into the platform (to then integrate into your workload view/widget), I am afraid when deleting an event from your Outlook calendar, currently this won’t sync with the platform, you are required to then remove the event within the platform. I apologise for the setback here :pray:

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Hey Bianca,

i’ve enabled the Workload view already which is kind of okay if you do only work in Monday.
But if the Engineers do also have regular Meetings and other stuff in der calendars its pretty useless. You have to sync the Meetings to Monday (which is complicated as it has to be configured manually for everyone) but they won’t delete.

We did also check awork, which does have a pretty nice Resources Planning view that basically integrates fully into Outlook. So maybe your Dev Team can check this and build something similar in the future.

This is really valuable feedback Torsten, thank you for letting me know! We’ll look into the awork set up to see how we can make improvements moving forward!

Hey @BiancaT is there any Update on this topic?
I’m still struggeling with the Workload Widget providing kind of basic features.