How to set up a workflow for multiple project environment

We’re a museum with many exhibitions and special projects going at once. We need a project management system that supports gantt, calendar, and displays priority at top level for each project. I have set up several ways but have not gotten a workable solution. I need to be able to view all projects in single line form with their priority and status visible, and I need to be able to open the list of sub items for each project and assign them to calendar or gantt. How do I do this?

hi @ComputerMuseum!

Have you managed to set things up?

Hi Illia we are using but not to the extent we had hoped. Your video tutorials are very breezy but I couldn’t intuit how to do what they show from such limited information. For instance, I can set up a gannt chart for a whole category but not for individual projects.

This video about linking and mirroring may help you out.

Hi David (@ComputerMuseum)!

Our videos are targeted to specific use cases - extracting information from anything to your tasks to avoid manual data entry and speed things up.

But I’d be happy to have a look how you set up looks like and help you with it if I can. In many cases, you’ll need an external tool like Zapier or Integromat to make 200% of your monday account.

Would you like to chat?

P.S. I am not a consultant, just wanna help.

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