Multiple boards vs. multiple groups on a single board - BEST PRACTICE?

Hi Community!

I have been using Monday for a few months now, and I want to take my business process to the next level.

I’d like to ask the community for their feedback and best practice for my process.

Should I create multiple boards per launch, or should I have just 1 board with multiple groups as the launches?

Below are the bullet points of my workflow and requirements.

Workflow is a Process - I’m making a board for a “launch process” which as about 200 tasks
Instance - the launch is my instance. It lasts about 3 weeks, and I have about 5 - 10 per month.

Reporting requirements

Management and Outfitting Team

  • track original timeline vs. delayed timeline (Gannt)
  • milestones - alerts and escalation
  • all tasks (pie chart) of completion

Outfitting team

  • daily tasks
  • highlight unfinished tasks


  • status update (Gannt) - auto email

Thanks and I look forward to the feedback!