Need Board Layout Suggestions

I am a small handmade business owner looking for ways to efficiently track all my tasks, I think the solution is in Monday, but I’m unsure how to set up my boards. I was hoping someone might have some ideas or suggestions. I see that Monday is extremely flexible and is probably better suited for broad task team management but I’m searching for board solutions for single person repeating and refined task management.

Are you ready for it? I make cat toys by embroidery machine. With a wholesale order on the horizon and several LARGE Vendor engagements approaching I need to put my brain on paper.

I’ve started by making a board for Toy Production and will add boards for social media, financials, Package/Supplies (design/procurement) etc…but I’m currently stuck on the toy production and what the best workflow set up would be.

For each Toy I make, it goes through the following stages (design, material acquisition, material prep, stitch out/assembly, laundering, and several finishing steps done by subcontractors). I’m dealing with dozens of designs, and looking to produce upwards of 100 per design. Some designs repeat (evergreen), others are limited collections (holidays). The production process on the toys does not vary much.

I started by making groups for each broad step (design, assembly, finish) and used broad status markers. I listed each toy as a task as I really like the idea of dragging each toy to separate groups as it transitions. I realized though that it makes the Kanban too broad for my purposes.
Then I began super refining the statuses to specific steps so that each toy can flow through the Kanban, but then Im not sure how best to use the groups…and then I came here because surely there’s a project management specialist who has a great workflow suggestion for a refined repeating process on different products!

I do understand that there are several different PM methods, Im just unsure which would suit my process best. Perhaps Kanban is too broad for me and I should focus on the Gant?

Any suggestions?

(Find me on Etsy - Purrsonified - if you need a visual of my product)

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