How to use multiple views, forms, automations & integrations for orders through to production and shipment

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Hi Julia,

We currently use 131 columns to take orders via the web and process between 3 offices…so a
little difficult to give you a good look by screen shot.

Users for the board are located in the US, Canada and China…soon to also include Cambodia.

We use locked columns, hidden columns and restricted view base on users function / needs.

There are 6 views not including multiple form views for a variety of orders submissions.

The board uses 16 integration’s and 35 automation’s.

Orders are submitted via the web (55 pieces of data collected in a variety of formats), we process then use the data (much of it generated using formula’s) as an export to Excel to create a variety of forms, a web submission summary, Order Acknowledgment and Factory Invoice are composed of all data generated on the board then exported.

Integration’s are used to update customers of the status for their order (via gmail) as it is being manufactured. Automation’s move orders through the board as their status changes among other things. We also use automation’s to convert one vertical status column into individual horizontal status columns which are used to mirror to other boards using linking.

We also use mirrored status columns in individual customer specific boards so customers can see
the status of their order real time as a guest user.