Bidirectional automation between two boards using integromat

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to find a work around, which allows me to fully automate my workflow. One issue I have with Monday is the inability to automate bidirectionally between two different boards. As a work around I’ve tried put together a flow on integromat; however, it only allows items to be mapped using the Item ID!


I’ve tried to mirror the item ID between the boards on, which works in principle; however, integromat doesn’t seem to be able to import data from mirror columns or formula columns, so now I’m stuck.

So my question is this… Is there another way to map items from two different boards, with bidirectional functionality and automation? Any suggestions would be great.

Essentially I’m trying to automatically update statuses based on things happening on different boards, which are usually triggered by data coming into monday from other sources.

Hi @Lozzalingo!

It sounds like the functionality you’re looking for is to use Connect and Mirror columns. We actually do have a bi-directional syncing option for these two column types. These features are native to our platform and would not require a third-party app integrator such as Integromat.

Do you mind saying a bit more about the specific requirements of this need? I’m curious to learn why the automatic syncing via Mirror columns and Connect columns would not work for you in this case.


Hi Helen,

Are you sure that you can automate bi-directionally ? From my reading, automation can only be assigned from higher level columns to lower ones, and not the other way around.

The requirement is this… Full bi-directional automation using a single column. It needs to be a single column in order for New Item events to trigger from a lower level board to a high level board automatically.

Hi @Lozzalingo,

I don’t think I fully understand what you’re looking for. What do you mean by “New Item” events?

Taking a step back, do you mind clarifying specifically what data you need to pull from multiple boards? Is it a Status column data? What I had in mind what a Connect and Mirror column that would be automatically created on both boards.

For instance, when you’re setting up a Connect column for the first time you do have the option to “Create a two-way connection” so that whichever board(s) you choose will also have a Connect column set up linking to your current board:

Having done that, you can then add in a Mirror column that will “mirror” the data for whichever item(s) you select on the other board:

Any and all changes made within this mirror column will reflect on BOTH boards.

Is this not what you had in mind?

I understand. However, it can’t be automated on both boards. Only on the higher level board. The lower level board can only act as a slave to automations from the higher board. So it’s not truly bidirectional.

Hi @Lozzalingo,

When you say “automated,” do you mean our native automations that allow you to link newly created items together automatically? So it’s the connecting of the two items that’s being automated?

If so, we actually do have native automations that will allow you to link the items together in board A, as well as link the items together in board B.

Here are just two examples:

Similarly, you can set up the same automations on the other board as well.

The trigger is item creation… So it’s not actually a two way trigger. Please see below, where automation is missing.

Ahh! I see so you’re trying to use this Mirror column in an automation.

You are indeed correct that Mirror column values can only be used in triggers, and not action blocks at this time.

What are you trying to do? How do these two status columns affect one another? Is one status indicative of project status, and another indicative of project time? I guess I’m missing the context of what exactly these status columns are being used for, and how their label would affect their linked item(s).

The reason I ask is because you can set up the same automation on the other board, board B that would then lead to two-way syncing (i.e. mirror column change on board B leads to status change on board B).

Since we haven’t heard from you in a while, I’m going to go ahead and close this topic.

Feel free to create a new topic to follow-up on this if you have additional questions!