How would I make a to-do list with items that repeat every single day?

I’m a Realtor and I have an admin assistant that does certain tasks every single day. For example, every day she posts an ad on Craigslist for each listing we have. I’d love to have a To Do list that says, “Post listing ad to Craigslist” that she can then do that and check off a box (or change status) to say she’s done.

The next morning, her list should be reset and have that same task again to post the ads.

What’s a best practice here or in other words, how would I create this sort of to do list?

Thank you!

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Hi @ChrisFNaples :wave:

There isn’t really a native way to achieve that yet. That said, our team has built a private integration specifically for that purpose as it’s not an uncommon requirement. Please use the below link to book in a time with me and I can give you a demo to show and explain while we discuss your requirement in a little more detail.

You can also just email me directly via

Duplicate Group App demo with Peta

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Hi @ChrisFNaples !

Welcome to the community! This requires a work around, but is possible in First you will add a date column and then have your status column like this:

Then you will use this automation that will push your checklist date every day when your admin finishes the task:

Then you will use this automation that will make a checklist in the updates section when that checklist date arrives:

Now the most important thing that you need to is HTML code this update. It seems complicated but let me explain. First here is the code you will use:

Components of checklist code

Always start this code with < ul class=“checklist” > and then with end with < / ul>.
Always start a task in the checklist with < li class=“checklist_task”> and then end it with < / li>.

The text in-between the < li class=“checklist task”> and < /li> is the text that will show up.

Hope this was helpful!


Wow, I’m pretty shocked. That seems like such a simple use case for users.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to post this answer for me! I greatly appreciate it!


Hi Chris,

It’s something we see pretty often, that’s true. Our integration boils it down to a single recipe for you so we can just ’ every time period duplicate specified template group and set group name to your choice

If the workaround works and you can set it up that’s fantastic. If it doesn’t pan out or fit the need quite right and the above recipe is of interest, let me know :slight_smile:

Kind regards,
Peta - upstream

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