I am trying to connect Squarespace form through Zapier to Monday.com using the Phone Column

I am trying to connect a form from our website through Zapier. All the information comes through properly except the phone number. I have included an image of the error message that I keep getting about the “countryshortname”. I have tried turning the “flag” for the phone column on with no luck. I have attempted to place (phone9: in front of the information from Squarespace also with no luck. Any help will be appreciated.

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I just checked this and it appears to be working. I used this as the value for the phone column: 17655791111 US

What are you passing as a value? You don’t need to pass the exact number you are using if it is private, just replace the last 6 digits with ones or something similar.

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Thank you for the quick response. The number comes through as (815) 404-1237. On our form in Squarespace it looks like this.
Phone *
(###) ### ####

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You can not pass the value as you showed. You need to pass numbers only, and then the letters from the country.

If this is a phone number from the US for example, you can pass the following:

18154041237 US

That is the format you need to use.