Identify different timelines on a single item on Gantt charts

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We have development timelines and testing timelines in the same item. We use this to track the passage of time against the completion of sub-items which is a shocking enhancement to visibility of potential slippage. We add these items to a gantt view in order to more easily modify dependency changes. The problem is that both timelines are displayed in the Gantt chart with the name of the item (which is already present to the left of the line) instead of the name of the column the timeline represents. This is keeping us from easily identifying which lines are test lines and which lines are development lines. This means it’s very hard to confirm that there is no overlap in test resource utilization specifically.

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We really need to know which timeline is from which column so that we can visually confirm resource over-commitment.

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This makes it very difficult to manage testing and development timelines in relation to one another. When something affects a timeline, it is mentally difficult to parse each line’s relative discipline to confirm we have no overlaps.

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There are no workarounds I have found that makes this easier.

Hi @ChrisJ ,

You can try the option of “Color by” timeline column:


This can’t be changed. All timelines are in the same group (since they are in the same items).

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