Identify the sender


We want to use the mail to board option for our suppliers with electronic invoice, so we are going to give them the mail that belongs to the board, but we are doing tests and we have not been able to identify the email address from which the information comes.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advande

Hi, @sistemas.arquiara - Are your suppliers Guests on the board? (I suspect not, but want to be sure.). If you are using the special email that lets anyone anonymously send in an email to create a new item, you won’t be able to associate that email with the Creator column. You may want to try some alternative approaches:

  1. Have your suppliers use a form to submit their information. While this isn’t as easy for them as cc:'ing an email address, you will get more structured information in the items and you can ask for them to provide their email address as part of the form.

  2. Process the email through an integration system such as Zapier, which can parse out the email information including the address, and then insert it in monday for you with the details nicely broken out.

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