If user1 click a button, add his name when sending a notification to user2

Is is possible to add the name of user1 when he clicks a button that sends a notification to user2? In the autopopulate section, it seems that I can only refer to the item creator, not the last person having performed an action on the item…

Hey @manrow, thanks for posting and welcome to the monday.com community!

You could get close to this with the “last updated” column. If you autopopulate the last updated column into the notification, it will show when the item was last updated. Could you elaborate on why you were looking to have the person’s name populate into the notification? How would it improve your workflow concretely?

Hi @TRB-monday.com,

Thanks for your suggestion, but it only gives me a date, no name.

I am trying to setup a decision-making workflow, and the tracking of who decided what is important. At the moment I have created separated automation for each of the approvers. This look very bad for an automation, and will have to be maintained each time a new person comes into the decision making process.