Improvement: Improve access of formula columns to summarized mirrored data

Currently, the formula column can access number that are mirrored. This works quite well and allows formulas to include summarized data from many mirrored items according to various rules (Sum, Min, Max, Average etc.)

However, when summarizing dates and timelines, for instance, there is no access to that data in formulas. I cannot, for instance, use the start date of a summarized “Earliest to Latest” timeline from a range of mirrored “dates”.

I understand the challenge in getting this to work with automation. This request is not for that. It is just to allow for formulas to be able to work with that data.

Additional data types to include:

  1. Status summary (allow access to labels and count)
  2. Dropdown summary (as above)
  3. People (names, count etc.)

I may have missed some, but I think in general could be a lot more comprehensive in this area. It seems as though there would be relatively low complexity and little risk in making improvements here.