In an automation, is it possible to send an email as plain text instead of HTML?

I have an automation where it sends an email via Outlook (Office 365) to an address, but I need the body to be plain text. It is coming through as HTML. Is there any way to tell it to only use plain text?

Hey Joe! :wave:

Would you be able to attach a screenshot?

Would love to take a look at what you’re seeing in order to compare with the behavior of my own integrations to better understand what you’re after. :blush:


What I’m trying to do is send data via email from Monday to Power Automate in SharePoint in JSON format in the body of the email.

The automation looks like this:

In Outlook, it looks OK, but when Power Automate receives it, it has HTML tags in the body. My flow sends the body of the email to a “Parse JSON” action, and since it has HTML tags in it, it fails.

I was able to work around this because I found that Power Automate has an action “Convert HTML Email to Text” and it strips out the tags. So I am OK for now.