In-house Marketing Department with Creatives

New to and going through the process of setting up our workflow for our Marketing Department. We are struggling to find a process for our Creatives to receive new jobs.

We have high-level boards for our business units (around 8 in total) in this case it’s BUAE. When a new job is created we would like it to populate a low-level board for the Creatives mirroring the content from the high-level board.

Attempt 1) Having the columns link to multiple boards. I have been told by Monday that this isn’t possible. We wouldn’t want a set of columns for every business unit as the width would be huge!.

Attempt 2) Having separate groups on the low-level board with columns mirrored from different boards. Eg. One group for BUAE, one for BUCC etc. I don’t think this is possible…

Q1. How do other agencies/departments manage their boards for briefs?

Q2. Is there a way to create a sequential list on for job numbers?


Just evaluating myself, but re Q2, Auto Number ?

There’s also ID

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Thank you for your help, these will come in handy to assign job numbers.

With reference to Q1. Are there any other agencies/departments that manage boards where you brief designers/creatives?

I have looked into the auto number column and you cannot specify the amount of digits it displays. We use a system with V0000, V0001, V0002 etc.

@monday Is there a way to specify the amount of digits? If I put V000 as the prefix then when it gets to 10 it won’t display correctly (V00010).

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+1 this would be a very useful feature for customized ticketing systems.

I am the Creative Ops manager for my team. We have media, social media, design, editorial, web, and email marketing on my team. We make usage of the info boxes for Creative briefs, print quotes, versions of work, proofs and what now. I’m currently playing with the sub items for each campaign and am hoping to find a way for the high level board be able to shoot items to each function’s board as that is their low level board.

By that, we receive the “Campaign” parent pulse with the end game information. Then each sub item would be “Report, Social Media, Media Outreach, Landing Page, Email Marketing” . My hope is that will allow each of the sub items to become a parent pulse on the function’s low level board. Once it’s a parent pulse (ex. Report) the function will have the sub items automated for that specific report to be completed. Sub item: charts/graphs, Inforgraphics, Layout Proofs, Content

If this makes sense to anyone and they have insight to accomplish this, please let me know. I’ll be happy to share screen shots for what I currently have in place. However, until sub-items gain more functionality, I’m not launching them with my organization.

We are still working off of cross board automations.