In-house Marketing Department with Creatives

New to and going through the process of setting up our workflow for our Marketing Department. We are struggling to find a process for our Creatives to receive new jobs.

We have high-level boards for our business units (around 8 in total) in this case it’s BUAE. When a new job is created we would like it to populate a low-level board for the Creatives mirroring the content from the high-level board.

Attempt 1) Having the columns link to multiple boards. I have been told by Monday that this isn’t possible. We wouldn’t want a set of columns for every business unit as the width would be huge!.

Attempt 2) Having separate groups on the low-level board with columns mirrored from different boards. Eg. One group for BUAE, one for BUCC etc. I don’t think this is possible…

Q1. How do other agencies/departments manage their boards for briefs?

Q2. Is there a way to create a sequential list on for job numbers?


Just evaluating myself, but re Q2, Auto Number ?

There’s also ID

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Thank you for your help, these will come in handy to assign job numbers.

With reference to Q1. Are there any other agencies/departments that manage boards where you brief designers/creatives?

I have looked into the auto number column and you cannot specify the amount of digits it displays. We use a system with V0000, V0001, V0002 etc.

@monday Is there a way to specify the amount of digits? If I put V000 as the prefix then when it gets to 10 it won’t display correctly (V00010).

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+1 this would be a very useful feature for customized ticketing systems.