Inbox Feed Showing Work that I am the owner of and/or subscribed to

As a user I need the ability to see just the updates to items and sub-items where I;

  1. I am the assignee or owner
  2. I am a subscriber
  3. I have been mentioned

So that when I need to see updates to work that is specific to me, I am able to see my work without the clutter of work that does not pertain to me.

In the current state, the board enables you to see where the user has been mentioned but does not allow people to see updates to work they might have ownership of or subscribed to without sifting through thousands of other updates that are not relevant to the user unless they have been mentioned.

The inbox should enable a user to create custom filters that can be saved as tabs that are specific to the context that they would like to see.

As an example, modern email applications enable you to create smart inboxes that can be filtered in various ways. The current limitation of Monday would be akin to an email program that only enabled view by all mail that was addressed/cc’d/bcc’d to me or filter by email account. Users should be able to create custom inbox views for various contexts.

Example contexts:

Inbox that shows only work where I am mentioned, assigned, or subscribed, filtered by board, or even a column’s state.

  • For example, if my work is part of a pipeline, I may not want to see notifications any longer past a certain stage of a pipeline.
  • I may have work on numerous boards representing multiple clients, business units, or projects. Having the ability to apply filtered contexts to boards would be helpful for me to see the specific updates that I need.