Including Est time and workload from Sub-Items?

We have a single item that has a dozen or so sub-items under it that each has an estimated time field. We’d like to have the total of those roll up into a field/column on the parent item. Is this a formula that we’re just not sure how to build?
So if we have 10 sub-items that are 1.5hrs, the Est time on the parent item would be 15hrs and would show up in our workload view.
Hoping this makes senses.

Hi @choyt just simply click on the sub-item column setup that you want to resume on the parent item and click on this icon …

Thank you. This did create a total for the sub-items but it does not get figured into the total estimated times that we’re tracking for every other top tier item. Is there a way to combine them?

Hey @choyt! At the moment there’s not a way to combine subitem data with “parent item” data. That being said, I’ll definitely pass this as feedback to our team. I can see how useful it would be to be able to combine/aggregate data like this.

Hi as an addition to this, the configuration in this widget are not allowing to show all the task (items) or sub-tasks (sub-items) assigned to a person, because yo have to choose either one of two, a combination of this 2 should be allowed as a third option in order to see all task assignation.

Hello @choyt,

You can create a mirror column at item level and link it to the Subitem column and “Estimated time”. You will have the aggregated sum of the subitems at item level and you will be able to operate with them.

Hope it helps.