Integrating monday with Wordpress

Hi all,

Im looking to integrate Monday’s API with wordpress. The aim is when a monday item is created in a board copy the ID of the item. Move over to wordpress place the ID into a wordpress post and when the user saves that post as a draft it updates the status of monday based on the Monday ID. I have a rough idea on how to do this but does anyone have some good solutions to tackle this? Currently working with GraphQL and Gatsby to work with API.

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Hello, @Aetheris.

Since the time you posted this question, integration feature became available for app developers.
As far as I understand, it might work for you.

You should go with Integromat and create two integrations.
One Monday -> Wordpress to create a draft
One Wordpress -> Monday to change status

The problem I am facing is when integrating from Monday to a Wordpress post using Integromat - I cannot get a clickable link to appear in the Wordpress post. Any ideas how to fix this please ?

I can get from Monday to Google Sheets and then into a table in Wordpress with clickable links but I want to be able to create a single post in Wordpress with clickable links whenever Monday is updated.

Any ideas how best to do this would be much appreciated.

Many thanks, Stephen


Could you please provide more detail into the results you are currently getting with Integromat?

To be transparent with you, I am not too familiar with how WP grabs data from Integromat in this case, but perhaps you can make a code adjustment on your end to add “monday data” tags to the JSON value that is being parsed from Monday to WP? I realize this is not a best practice solution from a web development point of view, but do you think that could work in theory for you?


Thank you very much for the reply Alex. All the information come across OK including the url but the url is not a link or clickable. It is a link in Monday but not when it arrives a Wordpress post. The a href coding is stripped out.

Grateful for an advice how best to solve this if possible.

Many thanks, Stephen