Integration Email - Replies go into Multiple Pulses

Hi Monday team!

I have this problem where a Single Reply to an email goes into EVERY pulse Update where the same email address is in the email column.

Here is the user case.

We have a board designed to invite Instructors to Teach Courses. Each pulse is an UNIQUE Course. Here is a quick example of how each pulse looks like with course details.

When we push the Send Invite Status, it sends this email to the Email in the Email Column.

The idea was simple, we were hoping for the instructor to REPLY to this email and the response GO Directly into that PULSE alone, but the issue is that the Instructor REPLY to that email GOES ALSO into Every OTHER pulse where their EMAIL address is listed in the email column.

I’m seeking help from the community folks to figure out the right recipe that will contain replying to that EMAIL and that RESPONSE going to the respective PULSE and NOT into EVERY other pulse where the email address is listed.

I suspect that this is the correct area to do that in, but I don’t know how to set it up.

Alejencia, I have the same issue. The only way I could figure out how to stop the updates to every pulse line with same email is very cumbersome and time consuming to do. I also would like to merge pulse lines together because when there are updates in the wrong pulse there is no way to merge it to the correct one other than linking it, but then you can’t delete it on the pulse that is incorrect.

Not sure if that makes sense. But, all in all, I agree there needs to be a better way to get replies directly placed in only the intended pulse lines.

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Hi @alejencia - I’m happy to pass this along to my product team in the form of a feature request! The email integration can be configured to identify items based on an email address. If the same email address is listed across multiple items, then the update will post to all items with that email.

Items do have a custom email. As a workaround, rather than automatically pulling in emails to, they can be forwarded to the item using the item email. Learn more here.

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Hi @alejencia - In passing this feedback to our product team, a workaround was discussed.

In the email column, you do have the ability to add the configuration +“value” to an email address. For example,

This will alter the behavior of the Gmail integration. The email sent from will go to the mtr48 email, but the email pulled into will go to the correct corresponding line item. When this configuration is added to an email, the integration will see it as two different emails.

Thank you and the Dev team who are always working hard on these issues! If anyone else out there has a similar issue and has learned of a work around, please let me know :smiley:

Thanks Community!


Quick update. This is still being worked on without yet a permanent solution, and if anyone out there knows of a workaround please post.
Thanks all!