Why do Communihub email replies from a contact appear on every item across boards where their email is in the email column?

It appears that replies to emails originally sent out of Monday through Communihub show up on every pulse item and board where that person’s name is in email. I only want the reply to show up in the specific pulse update. How do I fix this issue? Thanks, Julie


I’m having the same issue. Jo

Hi @JFrazier @joatmylesassociates

Thanks for reaching out about this :smiley:

This is actually the intended behavior behind Communihub since it’s a way to see the overall communication with that person, even if multiple people are talking to them across items and boards.

I have at this time sent this as feedback to the team to explain that having the option to filter by person might make this a more intuitive experience so thanks for sharing your experience.

I am going to mark this as solved but feel free to provide any further context to your experience!

It’s disappointing to hear @Julia-monday.com that it’s intended behavior. We have been waiting for Communihub to be improved to correctly import the replies to specific outgoing emails into the right item, not update every single item that happens to have that contact’s email. It leads to way too much clutter in the Communihub view and unrelated comments you have to wade through to get to what matters for a specific item, unnecessary notifications for updates on items that aren’t relevant, etc. Please add our voice to this request, this improvement is very much needed. This is a really big pain point for B2B clients.


Agree 100% with @polishedgeek. Unfortunately I won’t be able to use Comunihub until this is corrected. It is awful! Note that even after archiving boards the email communication kept coming. Took a month for Monday developers to find the boards and eliminate the problem.

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As another monday.com partner, we have also held back on recommending the use of Communihub until the feature stabilizes, and this is one such adjust that is requirement. Lots of potential though, just needs some optimization.


@PolishedGeek @gidon @JFrazier

Very good points. We have also advised our clients to hold off on using this until it matures further and these changes are made to make it more usable in realistic use cases. That being said - we love the feature and fingers crossed these enhancements come along soon!

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