Integration through Zapier

Hi there,

I want to integrate Referrizer and Monday through Zapier. But I want to make it sync both ways, so whenever I add a contact to my list on Referrizer, it gets added to the Monday contacts list and vice versa. But, if I try to create Zaps, the issue is that the trigger would go anytime new contact is created in Referrizer… and that would probably include creation of them through Monday. So Monday contact gets added > goes into Referrizer (if zap for that is there) > then with this zap it may want to go back to Monday. It might create dupes unless Monday prevents that. Can anyone confirm that Monday prevents that?

Hi @Iris9, welcome to our community!

Sadly will not prevent the duplicated creation of your items. I think it might be a better idea to slightly alter the trigger for one of the item creation actions.

For instance, maybe if you’re creating a new item in manually, you can then change a status column for this item to be a label such as “new,” and this status label change would trigger the same item to be created in Referrizer. This way, you won’t get the item creation loop.

Maybe something like this could work?

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