Integration with lambda in loop

Hello, I’m developing an integration that sends messages to whatsapp via Monday, for this I’m using the AWS lambda system to keep this integration working, but for some reason when I call the integration the message is sent to whatsapp from 1 in 1 minute, that is, the integration is in a loop, I believe the problem is in the project’s “handler” function, as there is no return to end the process, there is some possibility to stop this code through the handler as soon as the code finished executing? (I’m still not sure if the error is in the code or in some configuration of the lambda itself)

Below is a print of the handler.


That’s an odd one! :thinking:

Hmm, I’m not a AWS Lambda Expert myself, but have you considered using the async await method? It seems like it would do the trick to stop the action when it was completed, as currently it seems like your handler isn’t being resolved.

I would try that - if implementing a resolver to the function doesn’t do the trick, perhaps it’s the lambda config then.

I hope this helps!