Integration with Outlook and Auto ID app


I am trying to create a service desk ticketing system, so have an outlook integration where for every incoming email, an item is created. The subject of email gets copied to Item Name automatically.

  1. How can I extract the body of the email into another field?

I now installed Auto ID app for auto generation of customised ID, so that I can use it in outgoing emails. But the problem is Auto ID also copies to Item Name.

How can I resolve the issue where either Auto ID can be added to another column or I can extract the subject of incoming email into another column?

Hello @Parul !

If I understand your problem correctly, you need the ID generated by the AutoID App to be added to a column other than the item’s name.

Choose this automation/integration :

And on the this column field choose a text column other than the item name one .

I believe that should solve your problem, but let me know. Should you need any other help with AutoID, the excellent @basdebruin is the App’s creator and will quickly and efficiently help you :slight_smile: .

Best Regards,
Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

Thanks this worked.

Can you please also help how can I extract the details from the incoming email which goes into update?