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Hello friends. I am doing an automation for an insurance company. You fill a health form in jotform to buy a health insurance. It is webhooked to integromat to create the item with an ID, lets call it ID-policy. It is perfect. But then there are lots of other operations in a POST process that need to fill info in various columns of the item. (insurance policy)
These operations like uploading a PDF to file column and changing statuses etc.Need to find the ID-policy as an index so that the column updates are made in the SAME policy/item/pulse. In ANY board or group where it happens to be. The board or groups dynamically chosen by integromat in the first scenario.
MY solution/problem. I managed to find a way . After every item is created in certain boards and groups according to a round robin system, it fills a DATA-STORE record with the dynamically assigned board, group, person. So in the next operations that could be carried some days apart. An other jotform is webhooked for the particular operation that matches itself to the data in de data store where the item id resides together with board, grop id. PERFECT! except some times it doesn’t work. The data store module simply doesn’t retrieve any bundle. Even though the record is there. Believe me. I have almost gone crazy trying to find out what happens. All seems to be ok. Then the next day it just works. :weary: as if nothing happened.

What other method could I use to match an existing item in what ever board/gorup it happens to be with, using the ID-policy index code so it updates its columns with the new data? I don’s seem to know how to use search module, it gets crazy and makes dozens of operations and then the update column after the search one also gets crazy and makes sooooo many operations when there is ONLY ONE item with the ID code.

Please help.

Hello hello hello @Dran, Michaela from Integromat here :wave:

Soooo regarding the issue with the datastore, you can try temporarily using Google Sheets as storage for your policy IDs and see how that works for you. I’ve consulted this internally and everyone agreed they’d never seen such peculiar behaviour of datastores before. If you wanted to, you could share with me the scenario ID + execution ID where the DS search failed. We’ll then be able to go in and see what exactly went wrong :nerd_face:

Well and to the second part of your question. Your scenario seems to be conceptually correct :slightly_smiling_face: You sure need to list all the boards, then find the one where the policy (=the item) is and then update its columns. The one way to optimize this would be to set up a filter between the third and the fourth module to only update the matched item. Right now, it seems that you’re trying to update even if no match is found.

Good luck with this and feel free to let me know how it goes :raised_hands:


I successfully use Data Stores, monday boards, Excel and Google Sheets (as Michaela suggested).

It’s unclear to me from your description; but, since you have the funny face next to the search module, I’m guessing that you are not expecting it to execute 33 times. The reason it is executing that many times is the List Boards module is returning 33 boards.

You may want to add a filter between modules 9 and 14 as well. Selecting only the relevant boards.

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Hello Michaela thank you very much. I have managed to do it that way, in case data-store fails when we go into production.

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