Inventory forecast tool


I am wanting to implement an automated inventory tracking tool for my Shopify store. We currently do all of this manually by downloading csv reports from shopify, tracking our previous months sales to analyze trends, comparing our current inventories and making a best guess as to what to order. We do have some variables that make this process difficult:

  1. we have long lead times on ordering our products (9 skus). They are all ordered from one location so we cannot restock/order 1 sku at a time as this is not feasible or cost efficient. We have to order at least 5-6 sku’s at a time.

  2. we have a growing subscription service that needs to be factored into the forecast analysis.

  3. we have products that sell more or less depending on the season.

  4. we are growing year over year so there is not stagnant data. Obviously this is good for our business but adds another complexity factor to bringing over the ‘right’ amount of inventory

Ideally, we would keep a safety margin of each product, but try and keep as little inventory on hand as needed. We are quite busy with so many things so as much of this that can be automated the better.

Please let me know you thoughts on this if you are interested in working with us. Thanks!


Hi Matthew!

This is really interesting for me because I’ve been searching for a good use case for forecasting. Can I ask you some questions about it?

You see, we are an app for monday that allows users add A.I. based automations to their boards via recipes and without coding. And I’ve been looking for a forecasting use case for monday that we can build together with a real user.

Can we discuss it?

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