Is it possible to count emails sent as activities in the activity log?

We run a dashboard showing activity levels by sales reps, it includes everything in the Emails & Activities APART from the actual emails!

As a lot of our activity is email based, I’d like to include those in the total. Is this possible and if so how?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Benn,

You can create automations based off the Emails and Activities integration. That would be a good way to populate the data you are looking for. For instance, you could increase a “sent count” every time an email is sent, or create an item when an email is sent to track that action as an activity.

Although you can’t directly increase a number, you could automate a status change and chain that together with a custom automation that resets the status and increases a number.

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Hi There!

You can in fact count the email correspondence with a combination of email Integration and number column.

  1. Add when emails are received from sender and yourself(easily have a default email column with your email) and add them as updates Integration.

2 Then set up an automation when an update is created and then increase number on the column for tracking.

This would be a good way to handle this. If you are looking for more feel free to reach out!

Good Luck!

Mike B
Automation Architect

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Thanks for your suggestions, it made me look at the requirements in a different way and realise that we don’t actually want ‘every’ email captured, as not all are adding value. As a work around I created a new activity type ‘Email - lead advancement’ and simply add that activity after sending an email that should be included.
I think that will work for now!

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