Is it possible to share a custom board view?


I recently developed a Monday application.
We would like to share the view generated by the application in order to display it outside of Monday.
However, the sharing option is disabled for this view.

I found this topic from two years ago with the same request just here.
So I allow myself to ask you the question again, hoping that this is the case now.

Theo Vauvilliers

Hi @theo_v,

Unfortunately this is currently not possible, but I’m happy to pass this feedback to our development team.

Would you please share more on what you’re looking to achieve in terms of shared views?

I would like to echo this request. We were hoping to develop a consolidated view for our major client deliverables that we could share with our client, but just realized the option to share a custom board is not possible.


Hello @Jaeta and welcome to the community!

I hope you like it here :muscle:

What would this view be like and what is the use case? Is this a custom view built as a monday app feature?

Why would you need this view to be shared outside of monday?

I want to better understand the use case so that I can create a request for it.

Looking forward to hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Matias,

The view for the most part is a table. We have a schedule board that includes every high-level task associated with a project. This can be in the realm of 100+ tasks. Some of those tasks are considered internal deliverables and some are client deliverables. We have a checkbox for each item to indicate if it’s a client facing deliverable or not. The deliverables view was only going to show items in the table that are client deliverables.

I should add that we started down the path of using a secondary board and using an automation to automatically add an item to a deliverables board when an item was added to the schedule board, but since there’s no automation for deleting a task it was easy for the two boards to come out of sync. We also used mirrors to mirror specific columns on the scheduling board, but those columns don’t seem to appear when we share the board.

Hello again @Jaeta ,

Thank you for that explanation!

I have created a request for this based on the information you shared :slightly_smiling_face: