Is there a faster "Upload/Link from OneDrive" functionality than the Files column?

Trying to use the Files column to link to OneDrive files is… a tedious experience.

After initial (& slow!) loading, I’m getting an extremely barebones pop-up that always takes me back to either my root OneDrive folder, or a “Recent” search. Unless the file is in one of those two, it’s a long manual trek to get to its actual folder and link it.

… and then I gotta do this for every file I want to link to a different item! The Files column is fine for linking one file to many items, but not good for mapping many items to many files 1:1.

Is there a better way to do this?

I’ve thought about downloading my board into a CSV, mass-generating OneDrive links and putting them in the CSV too, and then importing it back… but that’s also a hassle and I think would force me to use a Link column instead.

Any other way?