Is there a way to automatically update a persons birthday every year without it defaulting to another day if it falls on a wknd?

I have a directory board that lists colleagues birthday and anniversaries and the automation to update the column for the upcoming next year. Unfortunately we also have weekends turned off system wide so when it updates it defaults to either the Friday before or Monday after there for screwing up the actual date. Any suggestions on how to get around this ? We need to be able to key off this date to let our Ops Manager know to buy/celebrate the colleague, so ideally it has to be something where 2 weeks before “Upcoming Birthday notify XYZ to order gift” automation

You could have a Formula column with
SUBTRACT_DAYS({Birthday}, SUM(MULTIPLY(WORKDAYS({Birthday}, {Birthday}),2),12))
and a board view that filters that column by day/week, to see current events.
Hope it helps.

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