Is there a way to convert a text value to a date?

I’m using Zapier to integrate Monday and Traction Tools. To make dates compatible between the two I have to add a format date action to my zap which requires me to upgrade. I can directly populate the date from TT to Monday into a text field. Is there a way to change the date in text format to an actual date? Any info is much appreciated.


This is not possible with base monday. The most common solutions would be to use something like Zapier or Integromat. Another alternative would be to use the General Caster app available in monday marketplace.

Thanks. I’ll check out General Caster app. I’m trying to avoid having to pay for yet another app to perform a simple task.


I get that. If it matters, Integromat does offer 1000 operations per month for free. Above that, it runs about $10/10K operations per month.

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Hi JCorrell, are you familiar with Caster? I just installed it but every time I click on the “formula” action for an automation, it just pulls up the message for an email notification. Am I missing something obvious?


I have not used it myself. @rob, can you jump in here?

What do you mean, @jillnolan ?
Do you see the recipe in yellow background to be customized or you don’t even reach that page?

Hi @jillnolan :wave:

Dani here with the support team.

Are you perhaps able to share some screenshots of what you’re seeing when you try to set up the automation? I’d love to take a further look here!

Feel free to shoot me a private message if you’d prefer :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Once I have a little more information I’ll be able to do a deeper dive into this!