Is there a way to quickly access a contacts location in any mobile device Map application, like GoogleMaps or otherwise?

I’m new here and couldn’t find an answer already; forgive me if it’s already been discussed.

In the mobile app, when clicking on a contacts profile and I’ve got the location column displayed with their correct address or coordinates, is there not a faster option out there that allows that location to immediately open on my devices map application, like GoogleMaps? The only method I’ve found so far has quick the click depth… Open the contact, click See all, scroll to Location, click it, select Open location, then select GoogleMaps.

It would make sense to me that after opening the contact card/profile, that one-touch on the location (assuming it’s been added correctly) it should automatically open in the users Map app. Is this already available and I’ve missed something? Is this a feature that’s already in the works?


Hi Katie,

If you touch the Location, a menu would open giving you the option to choose “Open Location”. This allows you to open the location in one of the Maps apps on your phone:

Hope this helps.