Is there any compliances for automated SMS integration in

Are there specific compliance considerations and best practices that should be followed when implementing automated SMS integrations within

I’m particularly interested in ensuring data security, privacy, and regulatory compliance. Any insights or tips from the community would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to the community! While Enterprise level licenses will give you access to the included compliances such as HIPPA and ISO accreditations, there isn’t a specific SMS integration compliance piece as such.

The support articles provide a Twilio Integration page, though this is more of a how to install and set up than how to manage with diligence.

Feel free to reach out and have a general chat about your workflow and what you’re trying to achieve - happy to help any time :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the warm welcome! I appreciate the information about Enterprise level licenses and the lack of a specific SMS integration compliance piece. It’s good to know that I can refer to the Twilio Integration page for installation and setup guidance but I have some other SMS Platform so for that can I follow the same guidance?

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We do not have specific guidelines regarding the SMS integration or SMS services specifically.

You can check the security and privacy guidelines we have for apps that want to be listed in our marketplace here.


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Thanks for the reply. I will look in it.

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Happy to help @raj2567 !

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Hey @raj2567

Welcome to the community! When it comes to integrating monday .com with Twilio for sending SMS, there are certain ISO accreditations and practices to be followed. By using the right third-party tool like Github for Twilio integration, you need not worry about compliance requirements. The authentication token enables a secure connection and allows you to send SMS updates to your customers and keep them updated on your advancement.

If you need help building custom integrations for sending SMS, get in touch with skilled consultants. The consultants ensure that you can automatically send SMS & text messages and execute other communication functions easily.

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Sure, I will look in it. Thank you.

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