Issue when import Date(Column Type)

An issue with a strange value in column which type is date occurred when adding an item using the mutation query.
Using Tool : Postman
Using Query

mutation {
    create_item (board_id: ${board_id}, group_id: ${group_id}, item_name: ${item_name}, column_values: "{"date4":{"date":"2023-03-03"}}") {

expected : Item which has 2023-03-03 date value
result : Item which has 2022/08/07 date value

I tried 10 times. I confirmed that issue occured once out of 10 times.
Please answer me why this issue has occured and how can i fix this issue.

Hello there @thlee,

For us to check what might be the source of the issue, we would need to check our logs.

Can you please provide the following information:

  1. Timestamp when the issue occurred (date, hour, minute and location)
  2. Your user ID
  3. Your account ID or slug (name of the account)
  4. The ID of one of the items that were created with the right date. The ID of one of the items that were created with the wrong date (if you have this)
  5. The board ID

You can send an explanation of the issue with this information to so our technical support team can take a look into it.

Looking forward to hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m sorry for the late reply. The issue has not been resolved yet, so could you please check it again?

I’ll send mail to again. Pleas check it agian.

Hello again @thlee,

We will take a look from the email you send :slightly_smiling_face: