Issue with automatic Workflow Triggering using N8N and

Good Morning,

I’ve been experiencing an issue with N8N for the past few days, specifically regarding webhooks. While my workflows can be executed manually, they fail to trigger automatically. To address this, i’ve activated the workflow, set up the webhook to launch « immediately, » and linked it to using the production URL.

Every time i perform an action on Monday(to trigger the webhook), it’s successfully detected by the webhook on their end(visible in the integration activity).

However, the command remains pending execution, and nothing happens on the N8N side.

However, I did notice a detail within the webhook node on the N8n side :

When i select the « Production URL, » it automatically reverts back to the « test URL. » Is this normal ? I’m uncertain.

I appreciate your assistance in advance.

Best regards.

Hello there @Jean,

It looks like the webhook is being sent correctly from according to what you are describing.

So in this case, I believe you should contact N8N’s support team to help you out with the “Production URL / test URL” issue since this is on their end.

Let us know if you need any information from our end!

Best of lucks!


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