Item disappears in FORMS

Created a ”Company” dropdown column and populated it. However when a selection is made in “Forms” and submitted, the selections blanks out (disappears) after several minutes, I have to select the “Company” again for it to remain. Any assistance would be appreciated.


Sounds very strange. If you have not already, I recommend contacting monday support about this issue:

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Hey @GiovanniSmith :wave:

As Jim mentioned, if you ever feel like you are running into issues or weird behavior for a feature, then you will need to contact instead as we have a team specifically dedicated to Bug Busting that can help you with this!

To best help them out, please make sure you follow these steps and send them the results:

It would also be very helpful to see the behavior in action—that way we’ll be able to take a closer look and try to replicate the issue from our side if necessary. You can use the online tool to record for free and then send me a link :slight_smile: Please ensure it does not include your sensitive data.

I hope this helps!


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