Item Name variable when using automation to create item in another board, and link them

I have to admit … I am kind of stuck, so in need of some gentle assistance :slight_smile:

I have a board that recieves item from another board by automation … I have managed to make it so that “Videoclip A” from Board A is received in Board B as “Videoclip A from Board A” The "“Videoclip A” part is also transferred into a separate field

Then I go on and make it so that when “Videoclip A from Board A” is transferred back as a new item in Board A it will be named "“Videoclip A from Board B”

The real life example of this is i.e. an edited scene in the editing board is transferred to the VFX board for some movie magic, and then is transferred back to the Editing board for further processing.
It will then typically be named “Videoclip A - processed by VFX”

I am able to to all this just fine, but now comes the problem …

What if the VFX clip is sendt to the editing board more than once … a.k.a. multiple versions of the same VFX clip. Those clips should be named “Videoclip 1 - from VFX - 1”, "Videoclip 1 - from VFX - 2, "Videoclip 1 - from VFX - 3, “Videoclip 1 - from VFX - 4” and so on …

I know I have to make a field with the default value of “1”
How can I use automation to make that value increase by 1 every time something very specific happens … a change in s status column or something. …

Thanks in advance

regards Nils