Items email address syntax and conversations with external domains

Hi guys,
I report a conversation I had with the Customer Service to suggest a different way to manage the email addresses of the items and how recognize conversation from third party in the updates.

Actually I think that the API Key into the items email is very confusing when you put it in Cc. Once there is the domain of the account and the unique number ID of the item, it doesn’t need anything else. Moreover the “” before your domain, it looks very suspicious, even though it is not at all of course, but we had clients who wondered what it is and others who always remove it before replying and we can’t save the conversation in Monday (So annoying!!! :sob:).

We need a trustable email to put in Cc, recognizable by our clients or suppliers as it is something related to our company. I guess the best option would be [] → [] or []. Maybe you can put the API Key referral as an option to add?

Also, there is another anomaly when Monday receives email from third-party, that is not a member nor a guest. In fact Monday used to put as sender the owner (or the creator?) of the item (or the board?). Basically Monday couldn’t recognise an email address from third party (different domain), so it put a person of our team as sender and it is so confusing!
In addition when we send the email putting Monday in Cc we can’t see the recipients.

So I would like to suggest you a few features to consider for the future:

  1. If the sender is a third-party person (not Monday’s member/guest) the system should put as a sender a placeholder label, like “external email”, or the email of the sender, in order to understand the conversation back and forth when scrolling the updates.
  2. Since the system is getting the body and the attachment(s) of the email, you can read also the header of the email and print it on top of the email, at least, the recipients. That would be the way for other members of the team to see who was in A and in Cc.

I am sure your DEV Team have too much in its plate, but as a client I consider the above mentioned crucial to work better with Monday.