JIRA integration for Platform Bugs

Hi everyone! I wanted to share an example of how a monday.com and JIRA integration could be really useful for enabling seamless collaboration and communication between your developers that work out of JIRA and the teams that are not actively in JIRA. With this in mind, let’s take a look at this use case for bug reporting between Devs and non-Devs.

In this scenario, we have 3 audiences that need to communicate with each other on a daily basis. Our dev team which handles bugs, and then our management and partners team that works with the end users.

In order to collect data about a potential bug, we use a monday.com form which is embedded on our website. This is used by our partners to inform our CS team of any bugs they’re experiencing:


When this form is completed and submitted by the partner, we need a way to share this information with our developers who are working within JIRA. Our old process relied solely on email to communicate. Now, with the JIRA Integration, we can use the following integration to directly share the latest bug as an issue within JIRA:

In addition to creating issues in JIRA directly from our monday.com account for our devs to work out of, we will need to get daily updates from JIRA directly back to monday.com for each of these issues submitted. This allows the CS team to track the status of the issue without needing JIRA access. Using the automation below, we are able to rely on these updates to properly communicate back to the customer on the status of the issue at hand, keeping everyone in the loop:

This new process has optimized the way our teams can effectively collaborate on open bugs - a shift that has increased efficiency in dealing with bugs and in keeping our customers in the loop.

What are your thoughts on this use case? Would love to hear how others out there are using JIRA to track Platform Bugs and if you have any recommendations to share!