JSON combination

Hey guys I have these 2 coloum values which work with my zapier integration but I cannot work out how to combine them so that both are updated in one step. This is for my sale process page, to add the email and number (via a text field) to my item. The JSON’s I have created are:

{“email” : {“email” : “{{92198367__email}}”,“text”:"{{92198367__email}}"}}

Can you please help me to combine them into one so that both are updated in one zapier step.

Thanks so much!

Hey @gilbert.doc - welcome! Apolgies for the delay.

Just to confirm - are you looking to combine two items into one text column on Monday? Something like this:

Phone: 11111111
Email: test@test.com
Text Column on Monday: test@test.com | 111-111-1111

Let me know and I’d be happy to further look into this