Leads forms not showing in Facebook integration

I started with the Facebook integration a few weeks ago and it worked great. Simple to set up, connect and set the active lead form to create new items on submission. It worked instantly every time.

However I’ve since finished that ad and started a new one with a revised lead form. Obviously the old integration won’t pick anything up with that so I went to edit it to specify ‘When [new lead form] is submitted, create an item’. However when you click on leads form there are none available to select now. Just the search box with no options underneath and no results if you start typing in it. Its as if I don’t have any lead forms but they are definitely active on Facebook and delivering leads on there.

I’ve tried deleting that integration, disconnecting Monday from Facebook, reconnecting and adding the integration from scratch but no dice.

Anyone have any idea what’s going wrong here? Thanks in advance.

Hi Simon,

It’s hard to give a direct solution to this—I’d suggest contacting monday.com support directly.

However, here are some troubleshooting steps:

  1. Can you recreate the integration with the original lead form? If that works, consider what might be different about your new lead form. There might be an incompatible field for example. If you can’t recreate the original integration, then there’s probably a technical issue.
  2. One thing you didn’t mention doing is disconnecting or revoking permissions on Facebook’s side for a full reset. I’d consider trying that and/or checking your Facebook integration/permissions settings. If monday.com isn’t getting anything, I’d be looking at Facebook to solve the issue.
  3. It may also be worth contacting Facebook support simultaneously. It can be harder to get technical support on Facebook, but if you’re an ad customer, they should be able to put someone on your ticket.

Hi Francis, thanks for helping out.

  1. No, neither lead form is available. I don’t know if the original one disappeared because its not being used or if its a wider problem with the connection. I suspect the latter.
  2. I hadn’t tried this! I found the business integrations page on Facebook and removed Monday permissions and then started from scratch with the integration on Monday. Same result unfortunately.
  3. Thanks, I’ll try contacting support through Facebook and Monday.

Great! Good luck, and feel free to reach out to me anytime you need some help building integrations or working more efficiently with monday.com.