Limiting self assignments

I have a workflow which people can assign themselves to items (we are a training center and our instructors can choose when to come according to availability).

Once someone is assigned, the item moves to another board which holds all assigned items.

The problem is I want to limit assigned items to 1 per day. Right now they can assign themselves to multiple items in the same day.

Does anyone have an idea how can it be done?

Hmm, I am not sure there is a way to limit how many items someone can assign themselves to but you can track how many they have assigned themselves to by: 1) the activity log, and 2) the workload widget.

I would suggest using the workload widget to see how close to capacity each person is with the items they’re assigning to themselves.

However, for limiting your team’s actions on a board, it might be worth setting board permissions or column permissions.

What do you think?

Hi Charlotte, thanks for the answer.
I am well aware of all those options, but they require a human eye.
I was looking for something automatic that limits, or at least alerts.

The workload widget is nice, but it has one flaw, the minimum unit of time it allows to track is a week, and I need per day.