Linked items - why only board owners can see them?

I have multiple departments in my business and I don’t want hide certain columns from certian users/teams, but my entire implementation based on linked items and my team cannot aee linked items data with being aet as board owners.

What can i do?

Hey Aviv!

Yes, people will only be able to see information in the Connect Boards and Mirror Columns if they are added to those boards.

Unfortunately, the alternative is to manually input the information you have linked.

You could add them to the other boards you have linked but change the board permissions so they cannot edit anything. Would that work for what you need?

My question is:
Can a user (not a board owner) see mirrored columns if he/she not the board owner just a subscriber to the board connected?

For example:
Board A - data mirrored from Board B (user not board owner just subscriber)
Board B - user not board owner, just subscriber.